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Kitchens of Kohler

Kids Cooking Classes: Ages 6-12

Start your aspiring chef on the path to becoming a gourmet with Kids Cooking Classes at the Demonstration Kitchen. They’ll learn kitchen safety, knife skills, and other fundamentals including how to read and follow a recipe – all in a fun and creative environment!

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Culinary Skills Classes

Take your cooking expertise to the next level Thursday nights at the Demonstration Kitchen. Prep and cook alongside our culinary experts as they guide you through topics from knife skills to pasta making. It’s a fun, hands-on way to learn basic and advanced culinary tips and techniques.

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Wine Tours Around the World

Whether you are a seasoned sipper or just starting to learn more about wine, The Kitchens of Kohler has a class for every wine lover. Through our Wine Tours, we provide a tour through each region with wine tasting and sensory evaluation, how the wine is made, grape varietals, and food and wine pairings. You will sample delicious wine and regional food.

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