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Skin Authority MAN Age Defying Shave Serum

Just for Men! In addition to softening and calming the skin, this serum has unique ingredients to raise the beard for an ultra close, irritation free shave.

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Skin Authority MAN Age Defying Daily Cleanser

Antibacterial gel formula is the perfect daily cleanser to prepare the skin for shaving.

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Men's Gift Set

This gift set includes a Men's Skin Authority Daily Wash and Shave Serum and Supracor Facial Scrubber

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Men's Essential Skin Kit

Tuned for the unique needs of men, as it reverses premature signs of aging due to sun, stress, and pollution. It also promotes skin that is fit, smooth, and free from irritation, razor bumps, or in-grown hairs.

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Men's Age Defying Conditioning Toner

After shaving or cleansing, removes excess residue, oil, and bacteria normalizing pH to calm redness and stimulate skin regeneration.

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John Michael for Him Body Lotion

The light citrus peppermint fragrance of the moisturizing body lotion matches the innovation and creativity of the founder of Kohler Company – John Michael Kohler.

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John Michael for Him Aftershave

Our John Michael products were created in reverence to the founder of Kohler Company – John Michael Kohler. This soothing After Shave will calm skin after shaving.

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